AWS New User

# AWS New User

As it is not recommended to use access key of root user to perform automated deployment, we should create a new user in AWS IAM.

Login with the root user and select [IAM] from the [services] menu.

aws iam

Use [Add users] to create new users.

aws iam1

Specify [User name] and check on [Access key], go to [Next].

aws iam2

Create a new group with policy [AdministratorAccess] if it is not existed.

aws iam3

Select [Add user to group] and check on the new created group with attached policies [AdministratorAccess]. Go to [Next].

aws iam4

Complete the following steps and create the user.

aws iam5

Remember to download and store the csv file properly. It contains the access key id and the secret access key that will be used in following actions.

aws iam6

Last Updated: 4/17/2022, 2:19:24 PM