Register Validator

# Register Validator


The following instructions assume you have already set up an appchain node and are synchonised to the latest blockheight.

Learn how to register validator of the appchain via the following steps:

  • Connect wallet
  • Staking $NEAR
  • Restaking $NEAR and bond
  1. Log in to Octopus Network Mainnet (opens new window) with the NEAR account created in Generate Validator Account.

Connect wallet

  1. Navigate to open the tab Staking page and click the link Register to be a validator.

Staking page

And then complete the following steps to deploy and stake $NEAR:

  • Input the amount of $NEAR
  • Select a staking pool to stake $NEAR

Staking $NEAR

  1. Restaking your staked $NEAR to bond an appchain via the following steps:
  • Click the Manage and select the Bond operation
  • Select the appchian which you want to bond
  • Input your validator pubkey which is used to create a new validator by restaking $NEAR

Restaking bond

# Get the validator pubkey

You can find your validator pubkey on your validator node by running show-validator command.

An example of using OttoChain ottod is as follows:

ottod tendermint show-validator


Congratulations! If you have followed all of these steps, and been selected to be a part of the validator set, you are now running a appchain validator! Welcome to join the validator/delegator Discord channel via clicking the button on each Appchain page.


Last Updated: 11/24/2023, 4:33:44 AM