Delegator Operations

# Delegator Operations

The delegator operations includes:

  • Claim rewards

Also, the delegator can do the below operations on the delegated validator's Profile page.

  • Increase/Decrease delegation
  • Undelegate

# Claim rewards

After a reward cycle (~1 day), the delegator will receive the restaking rewards, which needs to be claimed manually.

Navigate to click the tab Portfolio and open the My Portfolio page, and then click the Claim button to claim the rewards.

claim rewards

# Increase/Decrease delegation

Click Manage button and then select Increase or Decrease to increase or decrease the delegation amount.

# Undelegate

Click Manage button and then select Undelegate to perform the unbond delegation operation.


Both Decrease and Undelegate operations have the unbonding period. The NEAR cannot be withdrawable and no restaking rewards during the unbonding period.

When a validator chosen by a delegator unstakes and exits from the validator list, the delegated $NEAR will automatically enter the unbonding period, and then the delegator can select a new validator for delegation.

delegator manage

Last Updated: 2/8/2024, 1:43:45 AM