Register Validator

# Register Validator


Every validator must have a NEAR account, which used to log in to the Octopus network and register the validator.

To create a NEAR account, please refer to Creating a NEAR Account (opens new window)

Learn how to register validator of the appchain via the following steps:

  • Connect wallet
  • Staking $NEAR
  1. Log in to Octopus Network V2 Mainnet (opens new window) with the NEAR account.

Connect wallet

  1. Navigate to open the tab Staking page and click the link Register to be a validator.

Staking page

And then complete the following steps to deploy and stake $NEAR:

  • Input the amount of $NEAR
  • Select a NEAR staking pool to stake $NEAR

To make the $NEAR staking more decentralized, the staking pools that have been chosen will not appear in the pool list. But, if you are the owner of the staking pool, you can choose your pool by manually input its name.

Staking $NEAR

Last Updated: 1/22/2024, 1:58:30 PM