Appchain Register

# Appchain Register

# Prerequisites

  • NEAR account
  • OCT token: The appchain team needs pay 1k OCT tokens as an Auditing Fee. For the testnet, the appchain team can request OCTs from Discord.

# Steps of Appchain Registration

  1. Log in to the Octopus apps via a NEAR account.

  2. Click the Join Octopus button, and then fill in the following information:

    • Appchain ID: 3-20 characters consisting of lowercase letters, numbers and hyphen -, and cannot start with a number, and a hyphen - cannot be used at the beginning and end, a.k.a the regular expression: [a-z]([-a-z0-9]*[a-z0-9])?
    • Token Info
      • Token Name: The name of the appchain native token
      • Token Symbol: The symbol of the appchain native token
      • Icon: The icon url of the appchain native token
      • Decimals: The decimals of the appchain native token
    • Website: The official website of the Appchain
    • Function Spec: The url of the appchain functional specification file
    • Github: The Github repository of AppChain
    • Github Release: The Github URL of the release of the Appchain
    • Premined Amount: The Appchain native token amount of the initial issues
    • Beneficiary: The NEAR account to receive the premined native token
    • IDO Amount: The Appchain token amounts through the DEX offer liquidity before the mainnet goes live
    • Era Reward: The Appchain native token amount as its block reward for each day (1 era = 1 day)
    • Email: The contact email of the Appchain

    Register Screenshot

  3. Click Submit to send the registration request.

Last Updated: 11/12/2021, 3:24:48 AM