Appchain Register

# Appchain Register

# Checklist before registration

This section aims to list the items that the Appchain team needs to check before Appchain registration to ensure a smooth launch.

  • The Appchain is using the latest version of the barnacle/barnacle-evm template.
  • The version of Substrate used in Cargo.toml of Appchain should be consistent with the template.
  • The below pallets defined in the construct_runtime! part in the Appchain runtime code (runtime/src/ should be consistent with the template.
	pub enum Runtime where
		Block = Block,
		NodeBlock = opaque::Block,
		UncheckedExtrinsic = UncheckedExtrinsic
		System: frame_system,
		Babe: pallet_babe,
		Timestamp: pallet_timestamp,
		Authorship: pallet_authorship,
		Balances: pallet_balances,
		TransactionPayment: pallet_transaction_payment,
		OctopusAppchain: pallet_octopus_Appchain, // must before session
		OctopusLpos: pallet_octopus_lpos,
		OctopusUpwardMessages: pallet_octopus_upward_messages,
		OctopusAssets: pallet_assets::<Instance1>,
		Session: pallet_session,
		Grandpa: pallet_grandpa,
		ImOnline: pallet_im_online,
		Historical: pallet_session_historical::{Pallet},
		Mmr: pallet_mmr,
		Beefy: pallet_beefy,
		MmrLeaf: pallet_beefy_mmr,
		Uniques: pallet_uniques,
		Sudo: pallet_sudo,
		// Include the custom logic from the pallet-template in the runtime.
		TemplateModule: pallet_template,
  • The block time of the Appchain is consistent with the template, set to 6s.
pub const MILLISECS_PER_BLOCK: Moment = 6000;
pub const EPOCH_DURATION_IN_BLOCKS: BlockNumber = 4 * HOURS;
  • In Appchain chain spec JSON file, the setting of ss58Format should be 42. Also, if Appchain does not support the stablecoin assets (USDN in the NEAR network) cross-chain transfer from the Mainchain to Appchain, please set assetIdByTokenId with [].
"assetIdByTokenId": []
  • During Appchain team registration, the Token Icon of provided by Appchain must be in SVG format.

# Prerequisites

  • NEAR account.
  • OCT token: The Appchain team needs pay 1k OCT tokens as an Auditing Fee. For the testnet, the Appchain team can request OCTs from Discord.

# Steps of Appchain Registration

  1. Log in to the Octopus apps via a NEAR account.

  2. Click the Join Octopus button, and then fill in the following information:

    • Appchain ID: 3-20 characters consisting of lowercase letters, numbers and hyphen -, and cannot start with a number, and a hyphen - cannot be used at the beginning and end, a.k.a the regular expression: [a-z]([-a-z0-9]*[a-z0-9])?
    • Token Info
      • Token Name: The name of the Appchain native token
      • Token Symbol: The symbol of the Appchain native token
      • Decimals: The decimals of the Appchain native token, the default value is 18
      • Icon: The SVG format icon link of the Appchain native token
    • Website: The official website of the Appchain
    • Github Address: The Github repository of Appchain
    • Initial Supply: The Appchain native token amount of the initial issues
    • Premined: The number of wrapped tokens that be Premined to the NEAR network in the total initial issuance
    • Beneficiary: The NEAR account to receive the Premined wrapped token
    • IDO Amount: The number of tokens used by the Appchain team to use Skyward for IDO before the Mainnet launch
    • Daily Reward: The Appchain native token amount as its block reward for each day
    • Email: The contact email of the Appchain
    • Template Type: The template type used by the Appchain
    • Project Description: A single sentence introduction of the Appchain

    appchain register

  3. Click Submit to send the registration request.

Last Updated: 11/1/2022, 7:25:55 AM