Delegator Guide

# Delegator Guide


The delegator does not need to run a validator node, but when looking for a validator to delegate, the delegator should check the stability of the validator node. If there is a problem with the validator, the delegator will not be able to obtain staking rewards.

The delegation steps are as follows:

  1. Log in to Octopus Network V2 Mainnet (opens new window) with your NEAR account.

Connect wallet

  1. Navigate to open the tab Staking page, and then select the validator you want to delegate from the Validators list and click it to open the validator profile page.

delegator select

  1. Click the Delegate Now button on the validator profile page, input the amount of $NEAR you want to delegate on the pop-up page, and then click the Confirm button.

delegator delegate

Last Updated: 2/6/2024, 1:45:16 PM