Octopus Network Infrastructure

# Octopus Network Infrastructure

Octopus Network provides infrastructure supports for appchains within the ecosystem, including testnet, RPC gateway, indexer, block explorer, cross-chain bridge, and more.

# Testnet

Appchain team can apply and launch the testnet to learn the onboarding process and do the functionality testing before the mainnet launch.

# RPC Gateway and Indexer

Appchain team can use RPC gateway and Indexer to speed up and simplify the development of the front-end applications.

# Block Explorer

The users of the appchain can query the details of the transactions through the block explorer.

# Cross-chain Bridge

The cross-chain bridge of the Octopus Network is a two-direction cross-chain bridge between the appchain and the NEAR network, through which the appchain team can transfer assets on the two networks. At the same time, before the launch of the mainnet of the appchain, the appchain team can also transfer some native tokens through the cross-chain bridge for the IDO.

Last Updated: 11/1/2022, 7:25:55 AM