Delegator Operations

# Delegator Operations

After the delegation, the delegator could select the delegated validator and click Delegated to open the Validator Profile page.

delegator delegated

Delegator can do the below operations on the Validator Profile page.

  • Increase/Decrease delegation
  • Redelegate
  • Unbond delegation

# Increase/Decrease delegation

Click + or - to increase or decrease the delegation amount on the Validator Profile page.

# Redelegate

The delegator can change to another validator on the same Appchain without the waiting period via the redelegate operation.

Click the Redelegate button on the Validator Profile page to perform the redelegate operation.


# Unbond delegation

Click the Unbond Delegation button on the Validator Profile page to perform the unbond delegation operation.

Note: After unbond, the staking OCT will have an unbonding period. Before the unbonding period ends, it cannot be withdrawable and you will not obtain any staking rewards.

delegator unbond

# Withdraw OCT

It is the same as the validator. Click ... and select Withdraw Stakes on the My Rewards area.

unbond withdraw

After the unbonding period ends, you can click the Withdraw button to withdraw the staked OCT.

withdraw stakes

Last Updated: 1/22/2024, 1:58:30 PM