Node Instance Operations

# Node Instance Operations

For the validator node's instance which was deployed via the automatic deployment service, if it needs more storage space etc., the validator can do some operations with the following documents.

Operations AWS Digital Ocean GCP
Upgrade Storage Amazon EBS Elastic Volumes (opens new window) How to Increase the Size of DigitalOcean Block Storage Volumes (opens new window) Increase the size of a persistent disk (opens new window)
Change Instance Change the instance type (opens new window) How to Resize Droplets (opens new window) Edit the machine type of a VM instance (opens new window)
Reboot Instance Reboot your instance (opens new window) Connect to Droplets with the Droplet Console (opens new window) and run the command: sudo reboot Stop and start a VM (opens new window)

Notes For Digital Ocean, the validator can get the Droplet's default password from an email sent by DigitalOcean Support.

Last Updated: 1/22/2024, 1:58:30 PM