Appchain developer guide

# Appchain developer guide

Before getting into development, it is assumed that you have an understanding of the Octopus Network (opens new window) and the overall architecture (opens new window) of the Octopus Network.

# Develop & Test

Set up a development and test environment

Develop Appchain based on the template provided by the Octopus Network

Develop Appchain based on the Barnacle template

Develop Appchain based on the Barnacle EVM template

# Launch Testnet & Mainnet

After completing the Appchain development, please familiar with the Appchain launch process (opens new window), and then contact the Octopus team to launch the Testnet.

The Mainnet launch process is the same as the Testnet.

# Upgrade & Maintain

Appchain upgrade (opens new window)

# Security

In the Octopus Network, the OCT holders can stake OCTs to become validators or delegators who provide the security for the Appchain.

Validator nodes

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