Monitor Node

# Monitor Node

Validator can check the validator node status through the Telemetry (opens new window).

If it is automatically deployed, the node name of the validator will default to validator-[NEAR account], where [NEAR account] is the NEAR account used to log in to Octopus Network when the validator is registered.

If it is manually deployed, the validator can use the --telemetry-url option when running the validator node, and set its value to 'wss:// 9'. Also, the validator can use the --name option to set the name of the validator node, so that the validator can check the node status by the node name.

# Validator status

In the Validators list, validators mainly have the following status:

  • Registered, missing session keys, the validator need to set Session Key;
  • New, coming next day(era), the validator need to wait to enter the next validator set;
  • Validating, the validator works normally;
  • Validating, not producing blocks, the validator need to check whether the validator node is running normally;
  • Unstaking, the validator unbond the staking;
Last Updated: 9/30/2022, 3:05:28 AM