Validator Operations

# Validator Operations

# Claim rewards

After a reward cycle (~1 day), the validator will receive the staking reward, which needs to be claimed manually. In the My Rewards area, click Claim , and then click the Claim All button to claim the reward.

my rewards

validator claim rewards

Warning: The validator needs to claim the rewards in time, and the rewards that exceed 84 days will not be claimable.

# Stop validating

To stop validating, it needs to unbond staking and stop the validator node.

# Unbond staking

Click Manage to open the Validator Profile page.

validator manage

Click the Unbond Validator button on the Validator Profile page to perform the unstaking operation.

validator unbond

Note: After unbond, the staking OCT will have an unbonding period. Before the unbonding period ends, it cannot be withdrawable and you will not obtain any staking rewards.

# Stop the validator node

For the node which was deployed via the automatic deployment service, the validator can click ... and select Destory in the My Node area to stop the validator node and delete the instance of automatic deployment.

Note For the node which was deployed to Digital Ocean via the automatic deployment service, you need to manually delete the volume. Please refer to How to Delete Volumes (opens new window)

validator destory node

For the node which was deployed manually, please remember to stop it.

Note: After unbond, if stop the node immediately, the validator will have no rewards for the last reward cycle. If stop it after one reward cycle, the validator will still have the rewards.

# Withdraw staking OCT

Click ... and select Withdraw Stakes on the My Rewards area.

unbond withdraw

After the unbonding period ends, you can click the Withdraw button to withdraw the staking OCT.

withdraw stakes

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